Automatic Gantry Stacking Machine

Automatic Gantry Stacking Machine

►Structure and Features:

1.Automatic Gantry Stacking Machine Design speed : 200m/min-250m/min Width :1400mm-2500mm

2.Max stacking height : 250mm Max  stacking length :3500mm

3.Change order in 5 seconds, automatic counting and automatic horizontal paperboard delivery.

4.Synchronization with production management control system,change order automatically with high speed.

5.During working with production management control system, the waste paperboard less than 700mm duo to change order.

6.Stacking platform, AC servo control movements, stacking smoothly and tidily.

7.Automatic paperboard side delivery when reach the setting quantity.

8.Paperboard dam controlled by AC servo system, change order automatic and fast, suitable for small size paperboard stacking.

9.Standard electric transport conveyor and double side delivery table.

10.Individually sealed control cabinet, electrical running in clean environment.

11.Color touch-screen display for easy field operation.

12. Automatic Gantry Stacking Machine -Automatic operation control, improve efficiency, save manpower, reduce labor intensity.