Comparison Between Chrome Corrugating Roll & Tungsten Carbide Corrugating Roll

Tungsten Carbide Corrugating Roll_
1.Comparison on flute type and take up ratio

♦ For weak abrasion resistance of chrome coating ,the original height of its flute will be designed more higher,which accordingly increased its take up ratio .One the contrary ,flute height of tungsten carbide roll could be designed more lower for its high hardness and abrasion resistance so as to decrease take up ratio and accoringly save medium paper .

♦ For ensuring its service life , the tip of flute of chrome rolls usually will be designed more blunt ,so its take up ratio accordingly increased .On the contrary , the tip of flute of tungsten carbide rolls could be designed more sharp so as to save wastage of paste and medium paper without considering its abrasion causing reduction of compressive strength and quality of cardboard .

2.Comparison on thickness of cardboard

Thickness of cardboard produced by chrome corrugating rolls will be correspondinglu lowered due to abrasion of flute during use and will be continuously lowered .But for tungsten carbide corrugating rolls ,its fluted the oretically will be never worn ,so thickness of cardboard will be always even for sustainable good quality .

3.Comparison on service life of corrugating rolls

Service life of chrome  corrugating rolls is usually during 6million to 8 million ;But for tungsten carbide  corrugating rolls ,its service life could be reach to at least more than 30 miliion ,which deducts frequencies of changing and saves expenditure of manpower and material resources .

4.Comparison on usability of matrix

♦ For severe abrasion ,diameter and hardness of chrome corrugating rolls will be certainly decuced every time during refurbishment and so does for its times of refurbishment

♦ But for tungsten carbide corrugating rolls ,used coating could be removed by special process and the rolls could be refurbished for reuse more times with only tiny deduction of its diameter .

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