Double Facer Machine

Double Facer Machine

►Double Facer Machine Structure and Features:

1.Double Facer Machine Design speed:150-180m/min

2.Double Facer Machine Effective width: 1400mm-2200mm

3.Heating plate is surface grinded and chrome-plated, width 600mm, 8-20 pieces choice.

4.Hot plates are made by container plates, can pass the national first level pressure container standars.

5.Man-machine interface PLC automatic control, automatic switching of the heating plate number

and size of the pressure to adapt to different kind of  paper flute peak intact.

6.Driver rollers be covered endure abrasion rubber, and cutting “V” from teeth with drum and put out paperboard stable.

7.Press rollers’lifting up and down are driven by pneumatic structure.

8. Up corrugator belt left and right correct by auto with both sides, tension adjusting system;

down belt manual small amount adjust.

9. Drive rollers’ surface is wrapped by rubber, Y shape structure,with middle height,

to make sure the board can be out smoothly