Electric Slitter Scorer

Electric Slitter Scorer

►Electric Slitter Scorer Structure and Features:

1.Electric Slitter Scorer Design speed : 120m/min

2. Electric Slitter Scorer Width : 1400mm-2200mm

3. 4 blades 6 scorers or 5blades 8 scorers

4. Adopt electromotion lift-lower in order to change the height of paper cutting and indentation ,

and to fit for the height of paper feeding .

5. Electric Slitter Scorer Adopt thin knife separate cutting (The thickness is only 1 mm.).

To make sure the separate-cut corrugated board smooth and tiny, we installed with automatic

and hand grinding wheel grinding to keep the blade edge sharp.

6. After pre-pressing, separate cutting and creasing the paperboard to accomplish the requirement of the product.

The pressed trace does not arouse the trace tearing phenomenon.

7. Auto-grinding edge system can be realized in the process of production ,non-stop machine grinding edge ,

pneumatic contro; grinding edge set .according to material and condition of hem ,set the interval meter

and the grinding time at any moment

8. The whole set adopt electromotion movement horizontal ,assort to the cardboard excursion in effect.