Fibre Cement Felt

Today’s fibre cement machines demands superior performance from the fabrics.

Fibre Cement Felt  is designed for the production of cement board . Through painstaking research after years, based on the advanced technology and experience , our company has developed a new generation of products.

It is a needle felt of multilayered structure of blanket BOM acupuncture, mainly for the pulp and cylinder mould machine & Headbox and dip NET forming cement products machinery .


Fibre Cement Felt Features:

♦ Forming, filter and transport in the cement board or tile production line;

♦Fibre Cement Felt is made of multilayer structure monofilament mesh bottom and 100% nylon fiber , is a harmless security products

♦Fibre Cement Felt has the characteristics of uniform texture, good surface, good permeability , good filterability, stable size, stable operation and long life ;

Fibre Cement Board Felt Photos :

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