NC Slitter Scorer

NC Slitter Scorer

►Structure and Features:

1.NC Slitter Scorer Design speed : 200m/min , 250m/min Width :1400mm-2500mm

2.Change order fast, 3-8 seconds for changing order, the two machines can be achieved

with no slow down immediately for a single.

3.Automatic tracking production line speed to ensure its synchronization

with on-line production management system, and compatibility.

4.By the high-quality imports of industrial computers and high-performance programmable

controller configuration, lower computer control system.

5.Three kinds of pressure line forms: convex on concave (three lines), convex on the concave (five lines),

convex on the flat, all three pressure lines can form an electric conversion.

Creasing wheel depth by computer control, linear, easy to bend.

6.Using a thin tungsten steel alloy blade, blade sharp, long life of more than 8 million meters.

7.Brothers of computer control, automatic or manual knife sharpener, you can trim the edge of the Brothers,

improve production efficiency.

8.Imported synchronous drive unit, semi-precision, long life, low noise operation.