How to prevent the flute height being low by single facer?


If the temperature of the corrugating roll is insufficient, the flute height will not be enough. Generally speaking, a company with perfect management will dispatch a special staff to check the temperature of the whole line (boiler staff is advised to take the job) and inform the supervisor or the machine commander on duty immediately if there is any temperature problem to have the technician repair and all the pre heater checked and repaired within a month.

2.Corrugating roll surface dirt
Clean the corrugating roll with light machine oil or silicon after preheating before starting up to clean up the dirt and paste slag on the corrugated roll.

corrugating roll


Rolls’ gap is very important for the production.

The gap between the paste roll and corrugating roll should be checked before machine starting up each day (pre heat the corrugating roll for 30 minutes to make it inflate maximum and take the thickness of one piece of the lightest gram corrugated paper as the gap).

The gap between the corrugating roll and the pressure roll (there should be light pressing line at the bottom of the paper and it must promise the good bonding).

The gap between the up corrugating roll and the bottom corrugating roll. And if it is not adjusted well, the flute shape will be irregular and the thickness will be not enough.

4.Corrugating roll wear degree

Pay attention to the corrugator production situation any time to see if it is necessary to replace the roll. Usually the iron-coated roll can run 6 ~ 8 million meters in China and 8 ~ 12 million meters abroad. Now the relevant advanced tungsten carbide coated corrugated roll can usually run 30 ~40 million meters with little price difference. The detailed purchasing situation should be based on the practical condition of each carton plant. The third kind is advised to the carton plants with relevant perfect management because the tungsten carbide corrugating roll with strong wear resistance can really low the production cost. And it takes only 6 to 8 months to recover the cost under the smooth running condition.

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