Semi Automatical Stapling Machine

Stapling machine

►Structure and Features:

1.Max size ( length + width)x 2 :2800mm

2.Min size ( Length +width ) x 2 : 660mm

3.Total power of the machine: 6.3KW

4.Shape size of machine : 2800 x 2600MM

5.Total weight of machine: 1800KGS

6.Distance of staping:  30-120mm

7.Speed of the stapling: 400nail/min


  1. Changing the size within one minute
  2. Easy operation and no needs of experiences
  3. The machine could be stapled single nail
  4. Feeding department automatic count,when get the bundle then send to tie up.
  5. Operation by the touching screen
  6. Adopting servo control system
  7. Distance of each nail can reach 120mm
  8. Having cover or no cover could be nailed
  9. The distance of nails could input by the touching screen directly
  10. The thickness of the paper could be adjusted automatically